Client Testimonials




Our now 5-year-old pup, (Luna) came from Briar Ridge Springers and their owner Jim Giacobbe. My Wife and I sought a Field English Springer Spaniel. We did plenty of research and spoke to several owners and breeders. Jim is extremely knowledgeable on the breed and is very diligent when you speak to him about your ideal Springer.

Not only did we gain a beloved family member with Luna, but a great friend in Jim and Briar Ridge Springers.

-The Herings



 My pup Tessa came out of Jim's Feb 2017 Yankee x Cocoa litter and has quickly proven herself to be an excellent hunting companion and AKC hunt test competitor. Jim has done an excellent job of breeding dogs that are biddable, run hard, have high drive and can handle any situation put in front of them. Now in her second hunting season she has hunted everything from woodcock to canada geese in covers ranging from the north woods of New England to big coastal water and has excelled in all of those situations. She has been very quick to learn during training as well as being able to adapt to overcome new situations while hunting and I couldn't be happier with her performance up to this point. I feel confident in recommending Jim and Briar Ridge Springers to anyone looking for a dog that can truly do it all.   

Harry L.



We are lucky enough to have a Briar Ridge Springer in our family. Jim is not only a knowledgeable breeder, he’s an expert trainer as well. Although our Ellie is a (spoiled!) house pet, she has an amazing nose and will chase anything that flies! She is smart, obedient and great with our two small children. 

- The LaFon Family



We are so lucky to have come across Jim and Briar Ridge Springers.  From day one our pup, Harley, has been a great family dog and hunting companion.  She was a natural hunter the first time we took her out, and is already hanging with some seasoned dogs  at our bird club.   At home she is a very affectionate dog.  She loves to cuddle, and is a great companion for my 12 yr old son.  They are inseparable.   It's easy for us to say that even at less than a year old she is one of the best dogs we have ever had, both as a pet in our home as well as hunting in the field.

Kory Burton - El Dorado, CA



 Our family dog has always been a Springer.  After a several year hiatus  without a dog we found Briar Ridge Springers and Jim Giacobbe.  Our Buck is out of the 2014 Yankee and Charlotte litter.  At home, Buck is a pampered pet and certainly adds a loving and fun dimension to our lives.  However, when Buck is training or on a Hunt, he is a seasoned, competitive,and excellent hunter with his great nose, speed and stamina.  He doesn't give up and always gets the bird! 
We know Jim to be an honest, committed breeder with the highest of standards and excellence in the quality of his pups.  He also is a dedicated trainer and since Tosh no longer hunts, Buck still has the advantage of being trained by Jim and being able to do what he is bred for.  Thank you Jim!

Tosh and Diane Nitta